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Plan Administration

Accuracy And Top Notch Customer Service

Proper management of an executive benefit program is critical to the success of the plan. Our team of professionals will work with your staff to achieve successful plan communication and operation. Due to some significant executive benefit program changes over the past decade, plan sponsor oversight, administration and regulatory compliance management needs to be an executive benefit plan priority. Our firm has the experience, administrative processes and systems to help you meet those needs while enhancing your ability to offer valuable benefit programs to your executives.

Administrative Capabilities

Our nonqualified plan administration team focuses solely on executive benefit plan administration and exceptional client service by offering clients an extensive level of knowledge related to defined contribution deferral plans for both for-profit and not-for profit clients. We administer both pre and post 409A plans, as well as 457(b) and 457(f) plans.

We administer plans that utilize a wide variety of financing methods including mutual funds, corporate owned life insurance, exchange traded funds, company stock, stated crediting rates, and more.

Our administration database tracks all plan rules, formulas and participant elections, ensuring the complete integration of all plan data in our system. Contributions are processed based on scheduled payrolls or plan rules. All dollar amounts are converted to unit values allowing for daily valuation of participant accounts. Plan balances are tracked and reported based on time and form of distribution, allowing the participant to manage investment allocations based on personal financial objectives and the time horizon to distribution.


We have invested a substantial amount of capital into our proprietary administrative systems. Ongoing improvements coupled with the backing of a billion dollar parent company ensure that we will continue to develop and enhance our systems for years to come - demonstrating our commitment to customer satisfaction and operational infrastructure.

Open Architecture Plan Design

Contribution Sources

Voluntary Deferrals:
  • Base Salary
  • Annual Bonus
  • Long Term Incentive Payments
  • Commissons
  • Directors Fees
  • Restricted Stock Units
Employer Contributions:
  • Match
  • Supplemental
  • Discretionary

Distribution Options

Time of payment:
  • Fixed date / In-service
  • Separation from service
  • Death
  • Disability
  • Change of control
  • Unforeseeable emergency
Form of payment:
  • Lump sum
  • Installment

Funding Considerations

Asset reserve:
  • Rabbi trust
  • Brokerage account
Cash flow requirements:
  • Long term investment
  • Short term distributions
Cost of investment:
  • Capital gains / tax costs
  • Transaction costs
Investment risk:
  • Borne by sponsor
  • Borne by participant

Investment Choices

Utilize one or more investment types:
  • Mutual funds
  • Corporate Owned Life Insurance
  • Company stock
  • Fixed rate of return
  • Exchange tracked funds
  • Market indicies
  • Managed investment account

Our report writing software allows us to build custom reports for our clients to meet the needs of human resources/benefit and accounting departments.

Participant and sponsor access to plan information is managed through our website, For a demonstration of this site, please contact us at 1-800-692-8463.

Plan Sponsor and Participant Service

Our low staff turnover allows us to focus on building long-term relationships with our clients. Each client is assigned a consultant and a lead plan manager who act as primary contacts for our sponsors. We provide comprehensive consulting services to each client and rely on our well-rounded staff expertise in the legal, accounting, communications, administration, and information technology fields. Our client service staff employs a proactive service model in communicating and supporting the needs of our deferred compensation plan clients and participants. Participants and sponsors also have access to plan managers and senior staff members for additional support and consulting services.

For more information about our administration services, please contact us at 1-800-692-8463.

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