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Enrollment & Communication

Educating Participants Is Our Goal

At MyDeferral, we believe that communication of your nonqualified plan is the key to your nonqualified plan’s success. We assist our clients in all phases of plan enrollment services, including:

Participant Education

Our services include written communication materials, onsite and web-based enrollment sessions, and e-training tools designed to educate your participants about plan features and the differences between qualified and nonqualified plans.

Enrollment Solicitation

Our on-line enrollment process is our most efficient and effective means for participants to enroll, but we can offer the more traditional paper enrollment forms. Plan specific rules, including deferral limits, time and form of payment options and investment allocation elections, drive the online enrollment experience for each participant. Our electronic enrollment system provides email confirmation of elections to the participant, as well as enrollment monitoring for the sponsor. Final election data can be provided to the sponsor electronically, allowing for minimal involvement by sponsor staff throughout the process.

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